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Everyday Bicycle Master

Our own Ryan Scardigli was once a master of the balance beam, regularly seen practicing his craft on the wooden rails behind the Truckee River outlet dam in Tahoe City.  But if only we could find this guy, to get some real training on the finer points of bicycle skills!

Bicycles take you places

Sure, we live in a rapidly changing world.  Population growth and constant redesigns of our urban environments demand that local governments and city planners find modern solutions to keep up with our modern times.

But let's never forget the value of our favorite 19th century technology.  The bicycle has always offered a transportation solution that doubles as an enjoyable pastime!  Cities across the country continue to see positive results when they invest in bicycle oriented infrastructures, and downtown Pittsburgh continues to meet the challenge

We love the OG ATB

If you've been into our store and looked up on our back wall, you will have seen the matching his and hers models of this bike!  They are totally original, and part of the personal collection of our owner.  It's been a while since they've been out on dirt, but they're still ready to go when the time is right.

This remake of the original Mongoose ATB would be a great addition to anyone's collection.  With just a few modern touches, it's a very understated upgrade from the 80's.  If you've never ridden a mountain bike from this vintage, you're missing out!  In our current age of high tech full suspensions, these simple classics can be a lot more fun than you might expect.

Truckee River is ready to ride!

You may have heard, and heard right, that the Truckee River bike trail has been flooded and portions of it have been completely under water this spring.  The Federal water managers that are in charge of Lake Tahoe's water level have had all of the gates at the outlet dam open for more than a month now, to help reduce the overflow of snowmelt into the lake, and move the water to the reservoirs further downstream.  For a few weeks now, the bike trail has been clear and open with a couple of deep puddles, but we have confirmation from the Tahoe City Public Utilities District that the flow from the outlet dam is reduced, and the trail will be completely dry and usable this weekend.  The weather looks great, sunny and warm for a perfect summer kickoff, and we hope to see you here at Factory Bike!

Bicycle friendly Davis, CA

The California Cycleway did once run for 9 miles across Los Angeles, but the city of Davis, CA deserves the credit for creating a more politically supported and sustainable bike trail.  They created a model there that's been reproduced all over the United States in the years that have followed, and Davis remains today as one of the country's leaders in effective bicycle transportation and culture.  Read the city's own report on the history, design, and actions that got them there.